St. Patrick Parade Entry


STAGING: Entry is 1st & Kansas, with staging lines starting in far east lane until full, then additional rows will be added as needed extending to 5th & Kansas.  Staging starts at 10am. No one will be allowed in the staging area prior to 10am. Parade entrants entering the staging area prior to 10am may be ticketed for obstructing traffic by the Topeka Police Department (TPD). There will be no parking in the staging area for non-parade entries, so all entrants who will be gathering their groups need to plan accordingly. NO RIDING ON FLOATS OUTSIDE THE PARADE AREA, per instructions of Law Enforcement and Fire.  We recommend you drop off riders at staging area via 5th & Jackson or 3rd & Jackson, and then park your vehicle. 

GROUPS: Form before you come to the staging area so you can be assured to stay together. The parade will begin at noon so allow time to have your float completed and group assembled in place.  

ENTRY RULES:  Any message, sign or image promoting any political candidate or position, social issue or agenda or inappropriate content is prohibited and will be removed by parade staff and/or Law Enforcement and Fire.  Please use themes that are in keeping of the St. Patrick’s holiday.  Float Rules: No wider than 8 feet, no taller than 13’6”.  Semis are no longer allowed, so please check with committee on box truck entry. Please be courteous by restricting noise levels that interfere with other entrants or public safety via generators and music.  Float Rider Rules: No riders on floats-trailers-truck beds outside of staging area/parade route (before or after parade). No items thrown or distributed by riders or drivers on floats (walkers must distribute candy and trinkets by handing to individuals or tossing behind the crowd – not in front of crowd or in the street). We encourage you pace the distribution so you have adequate amounts to fairly cover the entire 1.5 mile parade route. No movement onto or off of moving vehicles or floats by passengers or walkers; all transfers must take place while vehicle is stopped. Any unsafe activity that threatens the welfare of parade participants or spectators may result in removal of parade entry by parade staff and/or Law Enforcement and Fire. Pets: Pets are welcome with one pet per handler.  Do not use tethered leashes or you will be asked to leave the parade route for the safety of the animal(s) and spectators. All vehicles must comply with all applicable laws and be operated by licensed drivers.  Do not decorate in a manner that impedes the vision of the driver.  Adjustments will be required or entry pulled from parade. The Parade Committee and Law Enforcement and Fire reserve the right to refuse participation to any entrant that does not comply with these rules.      

REGISTRATION  is now being gathered in one central location for “open entry” downtown parades to help provide better communication with entrants, parade hosts and Topeka Police Department. This allows us to inform you of upcoming parades and forward updates as changes arise.  The information you provide is not shared with outside entities except for the purpose of assisting in case of a Mass Casualty Emergency.  The information is NOT processed under scrutiny by law enforcement.  It allows us to have a database of contacts in case of emergency and also assists TPD perform practice drills in case they are ever faced with a mass casualty situation, affording them additional grant funding through FEMA.  We appreciate your cooperation.   You will have your license scanned in the staging entry by TPD prior to entering the parade route, and again at the exit point of the parade at 4th & Kansas, so please stay on the route to the end. No one driving a vehicle will be allowed in the parade route without registering with the TPD in staging. THE PARADE ROUTE will begin at 5th & Kansas, proceed south to 6th, turn west to Harrison, turn south to 10th, turn east to Kansas, turn north on Kansas and disband at 4th & Quincy. We are asking for a voluntary contribution of $10 per entry (please bring cash the day of parade or check made payable to Forward March Foundation House) to help with homeless veterans.  For more information, contact Mark Sweeney /

Click here to register for the parade.

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